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Advantages and Disadvantages of acupuncture weight loss reference

Many people ask me about acupuncture to lose weight, I would look a bit. Check a lot of relevant information. Results, do not check the do not know, an investigation surprised.

Physician said:

Acupuncture therapy can speed up energy metabolism, increase body energy consumption, promote the transformation of the role of body fat, and break down body fat, body weight continued to decline eventually.

1 Note that overall, the effect is persistent: weight loss medicine focus adjustment of metabolic function of organs, not simply with “diarrhea” or “hungry” approach. Not appear because of weight loss caused by anorexia, weight loss, disease, functional bowel disorders, and menstrual disorders and other illnesses.
2. Dialectical first, vary: the use of thousands of Chinese diet is not a party to a method and treatment of thousands of people, but the accumulated heat in the defense of liver and stomach, spleen dampness, spleen deficiency and liver and kidney of case further treatment. It is not a “real person is more real and imaginary are more empty” weight-loss state.
3. In order to move, move in realistic: Chinese beauty, weight loss are very aware of the accessibility of blood, organs function balance in the blood circulation and balance of yin and yang organs obtained bodybuilding, weight loss and it will not appear on the air because deficiency bad, sad face minimalist focus of the disease. Nor will there be often seen due to weight-loss drugs caused the anemia, menstrual disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hair loss and other undesirable phenomena.
4. Natural method, safe and reliable: in the beauty demands the crowd, the plastic was only a part of the problem through most of the beauty of Chinese medicine medication, diet, acupuncture to resolve, because these are all traditional therapies to mobilize the body’s righteousness and promote metabolism. It is relatively safe, toxic side effects. This is common in people of today for the safety of chemical compounds feel apprehension, the Chinese beauty treatment popular reasons.
5. I hope not believe some of the beauty that exaggerate the efficacy of advertising, publicity 20 days, 30 days minus a few pounds is no scientific basis, it is not in line with the metabolism of the body, any treatment can not have one hundred percent effect, determine the efficacy of our criteria: we are generally about 90% efficiency.
A null and void – the treatment course of two counter-weight to rise.
B effective – treatment of two treatment than before treatment decreased body weight 1-5 kg
C cured – the treatment three weight after treatment than before treatment decreased by 5 kg or more.

Acupuncture weight loss has many advantages, it is no pain, no significant effect and other weight-loss approach may have suffered the pain caused. Some girls look for fast weight loss, and damage at the body, using diet pills, excessive dieting, excessive physical exercise, control the daily water intake so the wrong way to lose weight, let’s look at these ways to lose weight in the end there What are the drawbacks:
A. Chijianfeiyao
Although rapid weight loss diuretic diarrhea, but are less water, as water loss, the body also will cause electrolyte disturbances, but also complicated by metabolic acidosis, in terms of weight loss can be said 100 victims and without a profit;
B. Excessive dieting
Diet not only can not be sustained, and prone to ketoacidosis, there fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting;
C. the movement is too strong
Easy to consume glucose, is not conducive to fat metabolism, weight loss is in vain;
D. Control of drinking water
Dehydration caused by the body, not only detrimental to fat metabolism, liver and kidney also increased the burden on the metabolism of waste can not be promptly eliminated from the body, causing the body’s own toxic reactions.

Dr Wong said that the local diet for weight loss acupuncture particularly effective, because of abdominal fat accumulation is often the most part, the abdomen is often particularly effective in weight loss.

Yu Xuan Chen-Yi Hsu Hospital, said acupuncture specialist, acupuncture weight loss has its efficacy, however, do not write the magic of acupuncture to lose weight, but also do not imagine a few needle sticks can be immediate, in the short term have a slim build.

Doctor Hsu stressed that acupuncture weight loss must be controlled with diet and regular exercise, than just relying on acupuncture treatment does not achieve the expected results. He said that obesity is generally divided into physiological and pathological obesity and obesity are two kinds of morbidly obese patients through acupuncture treatment, improve symptoms, coupled with diet control and moderate exercise to achieve weight loss results. Dr. Xu said, acupuncture in the treatment of obesity, there are several roles:

● For the body of water and moisture too obese, through acupuncture can be diuretic, diaphoretic, so as to eliminate the role of moisture.

● number of obese people is due to excessive gastric acid secretion, and thus a strong hunger, always had the urge to eat something, such obesity is generally called the “stomach Huo,” the function of acupuncture is to reduce the obesity of stomach fire, reduce or inhibit obesity hyperactive appetite, thereby reducing food intake, to avoid over-eating, and inhibit intestinal digestion and absorption.

● other fat-induced obesity is due to inertia constipation, laxative effect of acupuncture can be achieved, thereby reducing the body’s stored energy.

● menopausal women because of less activity, endocrine disorders, it is easy to cause fat, this time on the diet again if not strictly controlled, it is easy to accumulate fat, causing obesity.

● Meanwhile, some obese people are too hyperactive gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, acupuncture therapy can promote metabolism to achieve weight loss, because the metabolism of fat reduction is caused by underlying factors.

Chen-Yi Hsu, MD, said that many obese people’s appetite very good, this is actually a disease, such as stomach fire is too busy for patients must be treated. Again some endocrine disorders, also cause obesity. Acupuncture weight loss can occur for any patient physical condition, then symptomatic acupuncture, to achieve balance.

Oh sounds good feeling! But …

Consumers say:

Blue Team: A: serious and effective, but also a serious return to play, fat is also of interest than before.

B: Acupuncture. Haha, where acupuncture usually give you the recipe, I can see no acupuncture weight loss

Breakfast: 2 eggs, milk

Lunch: rice, vegetables and main point

Dinner: Ha is the vegetables, even less oil

Exercise 45 minutes a day

Haha, according to this, not the same as acupuncture to lose weight, why do we still have to spend time and money!

C: Basically, is not recommended to go, the pain did not say, but also diet (a diet in accordance with the requirements of who he can lean, if we continue, but a little thin acupuncture quickly), there is a D cup or more if you so can go by, otherwise you will become a plane! remember remember, is the D cup is not recommended to go by, because you might stuff into a bag that the child

D: Acupuncture will rebound, but not so fast it will stop after six months in a bounce back, but also because the meat loose rebound after acupuncture after the meat loose Whereas Hospital embedding to do a 150, is outside the 200 – -300. Expensive, generally three times, but I did not do a lot of thin ah

E: I have been to, the effect can be the beginning, but to meet his dietary requirements. Stopped, bounced back. Can be partially reduced, is still relatively pain. I have experimented with the above, and are experienced ah ,,,,,

F: acupuncture to lose weight or go to a regular hospital, because the angle and intensity of different acupuncture will not only affect the weight loss may also impact on health.

Key words: breast-reduction diet rebound (OMG!) Rebound meat baggy security risks of your pain

Red Team: A: In fact, not absolute, and I did a year ago, lost a half months to 10 pounds, but I was also 111, then stopped to have a year now, I now know how much weight you , 96. Mainly to changes in eating habits, eat a lot of morning and noon, usually at night do not eat the staple food, only eat vegetables and less oil as possible, but I always eat cookies, ice cream, candy-like snacks, but still they lost kilograms, it may be individual differences, not all done will rebound.

B: Acupuncture can reduce the partial Oh. I have since last year for nearly a year of acupuncture, and the middle of the field due to stop for a few months. Oh, did not feel as good as legend would rebound. Of course, during this period should also pay more attention to ah, can not control the Oh!

C: Acupuncture weight loss is there, but it is not to eat noodles or something, it plainly can only bite if dined effect on the bad. I tie more than two months, and the results were OK but to adhere to avoid mouth. I usually drink milk in the morning to eat an egg, a bite to eat at noon on a little bit of rice, I usually do not eat at night if it is hungry, eat a little cucumber or tomato. Noon meal, when you can, the first cup of water, a few minutes before dinner. Dinner eat a few mouthfuls, to eat slowly chew slowly, you will find that you not eat after a few mouthfuls of very full. To lose weight is that they are not relying on someone else, as long as you adhere to lose weight perseverance will be able to cut down. In addition to just ask you can do outside the point of movement. Walking, skipping, swimming are all good, do not go running or something, if you do not run the day will rebound faster. But acupuncture spend quite expensive. You think clearly.

D: did last year, the effect is good, but did not control the Spring Festival, also rebounded a lot 5555555 ~~~~~~ recently by a point back diet (breakfast and lunch must eat at night almost without food, eight After not eating, especially snacks). .

E: There are no results to see individual constitution of the summer !!!!! Oh do with swimming is the most effective acupuncture, but not to eat after swimming up too much, because the absorption is usually twice the recommended water before eat first. . . . Up later than one hour after eating. . . . . . . . . . .

F: I started in June 2004 Qi Shi Xing weight loss, reduced 6KG but but but. . . . . . . . . If you do not adhere to it will rebound, but also vary and some people will not rebound. We often have dinner as a girl, how could all the year round, night eating tomato with yellow GUA and I was kind of a take on fat people. I have many years of experience is to lose weight, as long as you adhere to a way to be able to lose weight.

NO 1: You concentrate on acupuncture needle bar

NO: 2: You insist on running running

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