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Can central retinal vein occlusion be cured

Central retinal vein occlusion cure I have this quandry a year or so ago, And doctors told me that it’s a incurable, Urged me to to use Avastin proceedures which I refused to do. Owning an innate distrust for doctors, Particularly the “Not curable” Verdict that makes one their patient for life and adds with additional stable cash flow, I did my own research and, so, Completely cured on my own. (My doctor reacted to this with not surprising saying “It often happens” And showed no attention when I told him that “The problem” Happened as a consequence of what I did). What cured me is an infusion of equal elements of yarrow and celosia, A half oz for each in a quart of boiled water, Steeping for around 20 minutes. I rely on drink a cup of the infusion 2 or 3 times a day. While yarrow is a trendy blood purifier, Celosia is is from traditional Chinese medicine as specific for retinal vein occlusion. Because of to that, It can be found mainly in Chinese health food stores. I bought mine from an retail store (see related link below). Moreover, One can grow it in a garden, My partner and i also did.

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