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getting rid of the effects of Depo Provera

Nice to be here, I had something. Freezing recieved my first shot and last shot of depo-Provera recently afternoon. And I have been reading up on it all night last night and nobody at the doctor’s visit told me of any of the results while being on this. I know that I am not really able to get it out of my system overnight but I am wanting to do something to speed up the process. I am undoubtedly taking hair, Skin area, And nail vitamins but i’ll up the dosage to 2 pills a day, Plus I am going to take calcium supplements due to their loss in bone density. I am going to drink the recommended glasses of water and I am going to excersise around an hour a day, Alternating between cardio and muscle vigorous workouts. And then I could even go to saunas and take herbal supplements or herbal teas as well. Ya think it might be too early, Doing this all. I am just wanting to get this shot out as much as I can during the next three months so that everything can return to normal. What’s wait and do this after? Is there anything else I can do and also my planned routine? You’ll see using a natural progesterone to counteract the effect?
How are you,You haven’t actually said which aspect you are experiencing and why you are worried beyond reading the package insert. Find out this – the drug company has to list every reported effect they have but the volunteers are on the drug for testing, Whether or not the complaint relates to taking the drug. Which means that, If it is just the reported big list of symptoms, Rest assured these do not happen to everyone and not all the side effects in every person. I know of no way to speed up the exit of this agent.

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