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Hereditary ataxia


Hereditary ataxia is a group of ataxia, identify the barriers of distance for the prominent symptoms of progressive degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Although sooner or later, according to its onset can be divided into three types, but are unsteady gait, walking swing, nystagmus, lisp and slow progression of common characteristics. So far the disease of unknown etiology, mostly hereditary. The disease mostly involving the cerebellum, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. In addition to physical therapy than modern medicine there is no effective treatment.
Acupuncture treatment of this disease, first seen in 1964, as case reports [1], the seventies are merely a scalp treatment of this disease to the clinical articles [2]. Eighties, although many articles, but are cases. Therefore, larger sample of this disease is actually in-depth observation after 1990. Comprehensive information that is collected from 1990 to 1996, six articles, except one for the case, the rest are more cases reported in the treatment of therapy-based methods to scalp or scalp alone, or scalp and the combination of acupuncture, there are single-use needle body. Overall satisfaction with treatment than the average efficiency of 90% or more. Some people will also acupuncture and Western medicine treatment as a control, the results clearly superior to acupuncture for the [3]. As long as the accumulation of further cases of uniform standards and efficacy observed long-term effects can be expected, acupuncture may well be worth developing the disease one of the effective therapies.

(1) acupoints
The main point: balance area, sensory area, language Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ area.
Points: frontoparietal zone (top 1 / 4 and after the 1 / 4), top with the temporal, parietal-occipital band.
Frontoparietal with position: the Court of God to Baihui open about half an inch at each side an inch of broadband, the whole band from front to back is divided into 4 equal parts.
With top-temporal location: the former top hole to head-dimensional points, half an inch forward after the opening of the next bands.
Parietooccipital with position: Since Baihui point households connected to the brain about half an inch to an inch of each side to open strip.
(B) Governing Law
First with the main points, such as no significant effect, been replaced with points. The main point to 28 1.5 to 2 inch needle along the skin quickly penetrate 1 to 1.5 inches, with 200 beats / min rapid twisting of the frequency, for 5 minutes, every 10 minutes and then twisting 5 minutes, repeated three times a needle . Points: frontoparietal with the top 1 / 4 down from the thorn, the amount of the top with 1 / 4 of thorn from front to back, top with the temporal application of four-down series from the needle through the thorns, and pin 1 is required and After the amount of the top with 1 / 4 needle cross-thorn, the middle interval of each 1-inch needles. Pin using slow light, fast and powerful pumping methods, parallel rapid twisting one minute, the needle 15 minutes, three times during the needle possible. Above the needle 1 day, 10 times as a course of treatment. Treatment interval of 7 days.
(C) Evaluation
Clinical criteria: Basic cure: the symptoms and signs disappeared, capable of performing general labor; effective: symptoms and signs improved, life can take care of themselves; effective: symptoms and signs improved, but still need to take care of life; invalid: Symptoms and signs no improvement or worsening.
Treatment in patients with ataxia were 17 cases basically recovered in 8 cases, effective in 3 cases, effective in 5 cases [4,5].
Body acupuncture
(1) acupoints
Main points: divided into 2 groups. A hundred will, after the roof, wind House, giant bones, curved pool, a small sea, foreign relations, thenar, calf nose, Yang Ling Quan, Venezuela, the full three years, Sanyinjiao; two hundred will, brain households, Ojo, the wind pool, shoulder Yu, shoulder Chen, shoulder Liao, Song Ze, the full three years, appointed Yang, Tai chi, Kunlun, Taichong.
(B) Governing Law
The two groups of points are used interchangeably. That patient was sitting, with 1.5-inch needle, the needle body and the skin was 30 degrees, the needle piercing points along the shallow surface of the skin, not to mention the plug Twist, doctor to the soft feel is appropriate under the needle. If the patient has a sense of soreness, indicating that the needle too deep, re-adjust. Needle for 30 minutes every other day, 10 times as a course of treatment interval of 5 days. 5 courses or more general treatment.
(C) Evaluation
Rule of law for a total of 30 cases, the result, effective in nine cases, effective in 19 cases, 2 cases, total effective rate was 93.0% [2].
Synthesis method
(1) acupoints
Main points: divided into 2 groups. 1, the balance area, motor area; 2, shoulder Yu, Qu pool, full three years, ring jump.
Points: divided into 2 groups. 1, depending on the area, dizzy listening area, a sense of football area; 2, hand three years, gu, Shenshu, thigh clearance, Yang Ling Quan, Tai Chong, Kunlun.
(B) Governing Law
The first group used the second set of scalp acupuncture and body acupuncture points plus points to the main points mainly Zhuojia distribution points can be based on the patient’s condition, or scalp acupuncture and acupuncture, or scalp acupuncture plus point injection.
Head acupuncture, general ill take the contralateral unilateral, bilateral sick to take sides, to the required depth of the needle, the rapid twisting (180 to 200 beats / min) 3 times, 1st twisting three minutes , rest 5 minutes before twisting 3 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes, then twisting 5 minutes, the final 5 minutes 1 second twist the needles. Day 1.
Point-injection method: liquid: 100mg acetyl-glutamine injection and Ligustrazine 2ml. Mixture injected into the selected body points per hole into the 0.2 ~ 0.3ml, each leg of the election on 3 to 4 points. Every other day.
Temperature needle: take 28 from 1.5 to 2-inch needle, the needle was gas, the use of twisting or mentioned interpolation method, the needle for 15 minutes, the needle during the needle handle can be placed in soybean large Ai group lit, each 6 times moxibustion strong. Temperature needle is every other day.
The method can scalp daily, and the temperature point injection needle can be cross or separate with the application.
(C) Evaluation
Efficacy criterion: the Masonic movement, gait, dysarthria, nystagmus, signs of change for the four indicators. Cured: patients with symptoms disappear, life or ability to work fully improved, nervous system back to normal; effective: symptoms, the main signs of significant improvement, improvement of basic living or working; effective: patients with improved symptoms and signs of at least an improvement; invalid : symptoms and signs were improved.
Cohabitation 60 patients recovered in 26 cases, effective in 20 cases, 8 cases, 6 cases, total effective rate was 90% [6,7].
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