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How you would treat plugged sweat glands on feet

Fix for Porokeratosis (Blocked sweat glands in the feet)
I had a number of these treated by a podiatrist over a year ago, Who cut them out with a knife made padded insoles for my work shoes. He informed me to put cooking oil on my feet 1-2x per day to prevent them from rebounding, At least before going to sleep. Examined ruined sheets (The oil soaks right the way through even thick socks), I stopped doing this except when my feet felt especially dry or when I happened to consider it. I threw away my shoes without remembering to take out the insoles the plugged sweat glands came back some time ago.
,Why they even develop remains a mystery. The best guess is they are an exclusive type of callus. In fact they seem to settle on in calluses. I got very dry hands (Kansas temperatures) The ONLY emollient that is Cetaphil (Cream NOT serum). I have to put it on my hands every previous night bed or my hands get so dry, They crack hemorrhage. It’s kind of expensive if you cannot find the generic kind, However it is so worth it b/c it takes such a small amt, Adequate to cover the dry spots. It feels kind of greasy though i can wash my hands a lot for work, So I only do it right before bed. I in progress putting the lotion on my feet in a week the plugged sweat glands were GONE! I have done this every evening for months, They haven’t come back. It’s significant to put the cream on EVERY night. I’m not saying they is if just one night is missed, But it needs to become routine or else I’ll get out of the habit the painful little things will be restored.

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