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Loose skin after weight loss and how to do change

Solution: In addition to firming cosmetics do apply some auxiliary, but also pay attention to diet, drink plenty of water, always add vitamin B and other vitamins. Acupuncture treatment can also spleen, improve skin texture.

Movement ideas: a sharp reduction in fat content will result in loose skin, through the following ways to improve.

Supine leg raise – lie flat on the mat, lift the leg to 45 degrees on the ramp, and then cite to the abdomen, repeated several times.

Seated leg raise – sitting in a chair, after the body by, keeping the upper body does not move, leg, abdominal muscles will automatically contract at this time forced to do 3 to 5 groups.

Sit-step car – lying on the mat, legs like pedaling a bicycle back and forth movement, do 3 to 5 groups.

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